Daily Prompt: Generous

via Daily Prompt: Generous

Normally when you hear about someone being generous, it is some rich person who donated a HUGE amount of money, that us “normal” people really can’t understand, to a charity of their choice. Everyone talks about it for a while and then we forget until they or someone else does it again.

Generosity to me is a little more personal than that. When I think of being generous, I think of my parents.

I have seen my mom give her whole self to us, her kids. She was a single parent for a while before my dad came into the picture. She worked hard so that we could have our own house, nice clothes to wear, good food to eat. She also, I have no idea how, but made enough money to allow me to participate in sports. I was gymnast since I was 2. I fell in and out of love with the sport and didn’t realize what all she had given and provided me until I got much older. And with that being said, I am SURE that I haven’t shown or given her near the gratitude she deserves for being so selfless, FOR ME. That is generosity.

My dad would give the shirt off of his back for someone in need. He would give the last $5 dollars out of his wallet, giving up his morning breakfast at McDonald’s so that someone else could eat lunch. My dad also has given selflessly to his children. He has bailed us out of so many things, that I am sure all of us have lost count of the things he has come to rescue us from. He took off from work one day when I was a freshman in college, who was so stubborn that I wanted to take my first long drive, by myself to Norfolk, in a car as old as I was, and ended up having a belt break as I came to the main light there and got stuck. It’s a 3 hour drive. He came all the way to Norfolk for me and towed my beat up car home and then paid for repairs so I would have a car to drive still.

Generosity is in the little things that people do daily that they don’t have to do but they do do so that other people’s day can be better than they would have been without that act.

Be generous. Give people your time. Make someone smile or feel good. Be nice.

Show God’s love daily.



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